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Finn National Inland Championship 2015

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After Event Update

The 2015 Finn Inland Championships were held at Alton Water in Suffolk and attracted an increased turnout of previous years, sponsored by 'Copy IT' and 'Seamark Nunn'.

-Copy IT Digital's very own Jerry Andrews taking part, came 20th

With the race team being brought out of Frostbite hibernation it was business as usual to meet the request for short sharp races with minimal turnaround times. With eight races scheduled over the weekend a success of sorts can be claimed as all races were started but only seven completed – read on for more details.

A total of 31 entrants took part, with the majority being standard race Finns plus a few classics, with helms ranging through Legends to Juniors. A special mention should be made of the two IRL sailors who travelled across the breadth of Wales and England to reach the East Coast sailing hotspot of Alton Water.

A true 'Inlands' - with the reservoir being all of ½ mile from salt water and 5 miles to the open sea, the sailing conditions were true to form with plenty of shifts and with the courses and lines being set to the average conditions and directions, the sailors needed to be in the right place at the right time to maximise race gains. Those of a 'left' persuasion got the best from the weekend.


With options for three courses the consensus was for windward / leewards for all four of the first day's races. This course was set on a longish diagonal of the reservoir with the windward mark toward the draw-off tower in the NE (of the reservoir not Newcastle).

The briefing set expectations for the day regarding the 'O' flag and when the black flag would come into play. The fleet were amazingly well behaved (and with a good line set) they got away for all starts under a P flag in a north easterly breeze of 12-16 mph and bright sunshine. It was impressive to see the close racing and some energetic downwind work. A few capsizes thrown into the mix saw places change significantly.

At the end of the first day's racing it was high scoring but close at the front with Oisin McClelland on 10 points, John Tremlett on 13 points, Martin Hughes on 19.5 points and Allen Burrell on 21 points; other notable competitors looking to be in the prizes once they could discard a big score included Julian Smith, Colin Leonard and Neil Robinson.




At the OOD's suggestion and with prior changes to SIs, the course was modified for Sunday's four races. A narrow trapezoid was set to ensure that there was separation between the beat and the run as it was felt that with the lighter wind of 5 – 8 mph from the North, it could be crowded at the top and bottom of the course. This new course worked even if the wind didn't help, with the windward mark being re-laid for two of the four races. The lighter wind provided even closer racing and occasionally new names at the front of the fleet, notably Cameron Tweedle, Will Patten, Vince Hayter and Howard Sellars.

The line discipline from Saturday had disappeared along with the sunshine and the black flag was brought into play for three of the four starts – and with the race officer having some sympathy with the competitors the first start of each race was under a P flag. Never has such a committee boat line bias been set to encourage the fleet to stay right but again, just like Saturday, left and early was the way to go.

The last race of the day in possibly the best breeze was restarted under a black flag only for the fleet to park up at the top of the course. After a successful seven races over the weekend the decision was made to abandon the race and call a halt to the racing. No dissent was heard from the fleet as they were rounded up and sent ashore and with enough races sailed to bring in a discard.

When not out on the water the fleet were entertained and fed with a Saturday evening meal at the local marina at Woolverstone, a full English breakfast at the Sailing Centre café on Sunday morning and tea, cake and doughnuts after racing and at the prize giving.


No Alton race report would be complete without mention of the Dragon Boat. Well not to disappoint, it appeared out on the water fully crewed on Sunday – fully crewed but without the drum that was (accidentally?) left ashore. Peace and tranquility reigned and long may it continue.

In summary a great event on and off the water and Alton extend an invitation to the Finn fleet to return soon.

Overall Results:


PosHelmSail NoFleetClubCategoryR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Pts
1 John Tremlett 642 Standard Race Finn ITCHENOR SC Master 3 2 7 1 ‑11 1 2 16
2 Julian Smith 720 Standard Race Finn MRSC Grand Master 5.5 1 6 ‑12 1 2 6 21.5
3 Burrell 2 Standard Race Finn THORPE BAY YC Grand Master 4 7 3 7 5 3 ‑13 29
4 Martin Hughes 567 Standard Race Finn WARSASH SC Grand Master 5.5 6 4 4 ‑7 6 7 32.5
5 Oisin McMclelland 9 Standard Race Finn DONAGHADEE SC Open 2 4 1 3 13 10 ‑18 33
6 Robert Deaves 10 Standard Race Finn WALDRINGFIELD SC Master 9 9 ‑11 5 6 4 5 38
7 Colin Leonard 4 Standard Race Finn BALLYHOLME YC Open 1 5 5 ‑14 9 9 11 40
8 Cameron Tweedie 98 Standard Race Finn OXFORD SC Junior 12 ‑13 9 13 3 8 1 46
9 Richard Sharp 90 Standard Race Finn BOUGH BEECH Master 15 10 2 15 2 5 ‑26 49
10 John Heyes 61 Standard Race Finn MRSC Grand Master 10 8 16 2 ‑21 7 9 52
11 Will Patten 52 Standard Race Finn AWSC Grand Master 14 15 8 6 10 ‑17 3 56
12 Michael De Courcy 708 Standard Race Finn MENEGHAM RYTHE SC Grand Master 7 18 14 8 ‑19 11 17 75
13 Vince Hayter 581 Standard Race Finn WSC Master 11 ‑23 19 19 17 12 4 82
14 Jordan Swindon 27 Standard Race Finn THORPE BAY YC Junior 18 12 15 11 22 15 ‑23 93
15 Neil Robinson 679 Standard Race Finn MENEGHAM RYTHE SC Grand Master 8 3 10 9 (BFD) DNC DNC 94
16 Howard Sellars 77 Standard Race Finn WARSASH SC Legand ‑26 16 24 16 12 20 8 96
17 Simon Moss 521 Classic with Carbon KEYHAVEN YC Open 16 20 13 10 ‑24 21 16 96
18 Mark Petty‑Mayor 695 Standard Race Finn THORPE BAY YC Grand Master 19 21 17 18 16 ‑23 10 101
19 Jon Tweedle 548 Standard Race Finn OXFORD SC Master 23 14 (RET) 22 8 16 21 104
20 Jerry Andrews 62 Standard Race Finn AWSC Master 13 19 18 17 23 ‑24 19 109
21 Roddy Steel 491 Classic with Carbon KEYHAVEN YC Grand Master ‑27 26 25 24 4 18 15 112
22 Fred van Arkel 924 Standard Race Finn CHEW VALLEY SC Grand Master 17 17 (RET) DNC 18 14 14 112
23 Edward Thorburn 595 Standard Race Finn NEWHAVEN & SEAFORD SC Grand Master 24 ‑25 20 20 20 22 12 118
24 Paul Brown 58 Standard Race Finn NOTTS COUNTY SC Great Grand Master 22 (DNF) 26 21 27 19 22 137
25 Wylam 22 Standard Race Finn MRSC Great Grand Master ‑29 28 21 23 14 25 27 138
26 Simon Hoult 8 Standard Race Finn HAYLING ISLAND SC Master 20 11 12 (DNC) BFD DNC DNC 139
27 Sander Kooy 1 Standard Race Finn TBYC Grand Master 21 24 (RET) DNC BFD 13 20 142
28 Cy Grisley 486 Classic with Carbon KEYHAVEN YC Master (RET) 30 23 25 15 26 24 143
29 John Torrance 99 Standard Race Finn CREEKSEA SC Great Grand Master 25 22 22 26 26 ‑28 28 149
30 Peter Blick X Classic with Carbon KEYHAVEN YC Great Grand Master ‑28 27 27 28 25 27 25 159
31 James Wyburd 658 Standard Race Finn MRSC Great Grand Master 30 29 (RET) 27 DNC DNC DNC 182





Finn National Inland Championship 2015 Sponsorship

Copy IT Digital Solutions is delighted to be sponsoring the National Inland Championship for the Finn, a class of sailing dinghy that is used at the Olympic Games. The event is being held at Alton Water on 18-19 April, in conjunction with the British Finn Association. Trimley based boating store Seamark Nunn has also generously helped with some of the prizes.

The Finn is the Olympic heavyweight singlehanded dinghy and upwards of 30 sailors are expected at Alton Water to compete for the title, which last year was won by John Tremlett from Hampshire.

The Inland National Championship is a standout event for the British class with an acclaimed list of winners over several decades, including many sailors who have represented Great Britain at the Olympic Games.

It is the first time the prestigious event has been held in the east of England. Apart from Tremlett, Allen Burrell from Southend, part of the strong east coast fleet, is among the favourites.

Three sailors from Ipswich will take part. Copy IT Digital's Jerry Andrews, who is partly responsible for attracting the event to the region, and was ninth last year, will compete alongside Robert Deaves, who was third last year and Will Patten who was fourth. Six races are scheduled over the two days.

Click here to go to the British Finn Association website for more information. Keep posted for pictures and info from the day.