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Gallery - Daisy the Dragon Fan photos

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Fan photos of Daisy The Dragon!

All of these photos have been tweeted and emailed by GoGoDragon's trail go-ers. We love to see your photos of Daisy, so please tweet them to her or us and we will feature them on our website. If you require any alternative credit on your photograph that is not a Twitter handle, to send/remove a photo, or have any other quieries, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

This is the gallery page - for Daisy's news page please click here.



Daisy and friends back in the lair, photo by @Breakwriter


Photo's of Daisy leaving at end of trail by GoGoDragons & Rigeons

Emily Denton of Copy IT Digital







Sally Stapleton - ‏@misskemplet


Mary Lejeune - ‏@Mary_Lejeune


Julie Chilvers - ‏@JuChilv 1

Ian Oxley - ‏@ianaoxley

Daisy and daisy!

Amelia and Bill

Donnie Rust - ‏@DonnieRust


Angela Park - @paperstory

Eddie Teddie - ‏@Teddie_

Fiona Gowen ‏- @FionaGDraws

Helen Vinsen - @HelenVinsen

Kati Dye ‏- @kat1d

Rosie - @RoseBH4

norfolknin - ‏@norfolkninnee

Simon - simonabel84

Olivia - @OliviaROConnell

Norbert Dragon - ‏@norbertdragon15

Lucy -‏@LuLubarker

ESE Direct - ‏@esedirect