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Connectivity services

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We all live in a connected world. Document systems have evolved from basic printers and copiers to multifunctionals that act as communications hubs, transmitting documents through email, storing data on remote servers and holding files in secure databases.

At Copy IT, our specialist connectivity technicians will help you release the full potential of the document system you choose. Depending on the level of support you choose to take, we will:

  • Conduct pre-installation checks to confirm the compatibility of our systems with your network and applications
  • Connect your printers, copiers and multifunctionals to your network
  • Link your document systems with your existing network security architecture (e.g. Active Directory)
  • Import or link to existing email directories
  • Import or link to existing server destinations
  • Create personalised sending profiles for staff members or departments to simplify the transmission and storage of documents
  • Configure remote diagnostics that alert us to issues before they become problems
  • Configure remote access to your computers so we can more accurately assess staff questions and demonstrate solutions