Managed Services (MPS & MDS) improve efficiency, economy and focus

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Managed services – MDS and MPS - reduce your costs, improve the efficiency of your document operations and allow you to focus on your organisation’s core activities.

Copy IT offers two out-sourced managed services.



Under a Managed Print Service agreement, we assume responsibility for all aspects of your organisation’s document production. Having assessed your current infrastructure and processes, we recommend changes to your printer and MFP fleet, their locations and their usage patterns that will reduce costs and improve productivity.

Devices are constantly monitored so our support desk can resolve issues before they become problems. Regular reports on print behaviour ensure that your printer and MFP fleet continues to operate efficiently and economically.



MDS extends the advantages of MPS from document output to document output, input and throughput. We improve the processes that govern the scanning, storage and management of incoming documents, turning paper records and correspondence into actionable information and accelerating tasks such as invoice handling.

By reducing the time taken to perform document-related tasks, MDS reduces costs and improves customer and supplier service.

Managed services bring three advantages to your organisation:

  1. Reduce costs: a managed print service reduces your costs by retiring expensive devices and exploiting your most economical equipment.

  2. Improve efficiency: equipment is deployed to suit staff workloads, processes are refined to improve convenience and devices are monitored to ensure availability.

  3. Focus on priorities: by out-sourcing everything related to your document systems, your staff – and your IT department in particular – are free to focus on business-critical projects.